07 February, 2009

Five seduction mistakes & how to turn them round

Seduction mistakes are easy to make when you really like someone and you find yourself trying to get them closer to you. Here are some all too common mistakes that some of us women make while trying to seduce a man. Do any of these sound a little too familiar? Forcing Intimacy in these ways will backfire: Try these tactics and you’re certain to lose the one you love.

Seduction Mistake #1: Expecting the relationship to solve your problems: Your life is in a lull, nothing brings you pleasure or excitement, and every new day seems as dull as the last. The only thing going for you is the guy you’re seeing or dating, and so you put all your energy, time and passion into pleasing him. After all, at least he’ll appreciate the attention, right? Wrong. He will feel smothered; he gets bored quickly and will eventually be trying to shake your neediness by losing you as quickly as he can.

What works: Try other ways to enrich your life with new knowledge and activities that you’ve never tried before. Your boredom will be the only thing lost and soon you will find passion in a great deal of things, and then he will be drawn to your passion of other things in life. He will be impressed by the new hobby or knowledge, and happiness is contagious, let him catch the fever!

Seduction mistake #2: Sleeping with him too soon. If you’ve been on a date or two with this new guy, and so far you don’t sense him feeling all the sparks you are, you can bet your bottom dollar that sex isn’t going to help - no matter how good you are in bed. Just because men love sex, doesn’t mean they fall in love with you because you can give it to him. In fact, the easier it comes, the less likely he is to want it again, so don’t be surprised if he doesn’t call after the first of second date if there’s sex involved. You shouldn’t be worried that he thinks you a prude, not for a second - On the contrary, if you sleep with him too soon, he will think this is common place for you, and won’t see you as a long-term partner. That’s really the nicest way I can put it. Read on >>

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