19 January, 2009

Stolen Time

When did the pants come off? When did parts get slick and parts get hard? When did we allow all that we only fantasized become reality? In this moment. This moment when I was bent over the edge of the desk with legs spread just so and he murmured so nicely that my ass was the perfect ass. In this moment when tongue explored that slick and sweet part of me and my back arched allowing access and more access and more access. That was the moment of surrender or defeat or victory of battle we didn't even know we were fighting but surely we were losing.

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Miss Honey said...

Always an honor to be included in your sexy blog... but after three (or is it four) I don't rate the blogroll? :( Pouting now.

badgirl33 said...

you're right, I forgot...forgive me. You're up now.