15 January, 2009

Smug Grin

Yet, sometimes I’d rather feel your hand smashing my wrists far above me against a brick wall proving to me that it is you after all. You body firm against mine as I melt into you momentarily letting my body give into your control. In your eyes I see a hunger that pulls at every chord within me calling out for more. But you. You just stand there holding your pose resting our energy on edge of tipping over into madness and with every second that goes by my body shudders trying to hold back taking control. Your gaze grows even more intense daring me, calling for something from deep within.

A low growl begins to ascend from the core of me. A bit to my lower lip and a flush of my eyes spreads as a greater passion vibrates through me. I pull against your restraints just lightly as you hold that familiar pose reconciled to let me struggle. This fire begins to take over as my teeth arch out for you neck and my legs leap up to your hips in an effort to distract and stir you.

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