10 January, 2009

Sex in a bar

“Shush,” was the only noise he made. He pushed my shirt over my head as I leaned back onto the table. He caressed my breasts through my bra, eventually pulling them out over the top of my lacy trim. The feeling of the felt on my back and his lips on my nipples made me moan in ectsasy. He continued to toy and play with my nipples until I pushed his head down away from them. He took the hint and slowly planted kisses down my stomach to my waistband. We unbuttoned both of our pants and mine slid off in a flash. He ripped my panties down and began to kiss my thighs, my pussy mound and on my pelvic bone. He slipped one cold finger into my hot pussy. Then he put in two. Then three. He used all three fingers to find my g spot and rubbed it slowly. I moaned in pleasure when he added his thumb to my clit. Just the pressure of it sent chills up and down my spine. I spread my legs as far apart as they could go on the pool table trying to give him more space to fill me up. It didn’t take long for the orgasm to come and I couldn’t hold back either.

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