29 January, 2009

Men need sex lessons

Whether you are a swordsman or a novice, getting a little extra help in the bedroom is an offer most men wouldn’t dare refuse.

Research shows that 12 per cent of women never orgasm, and 75 per cent don’t achieve orgasm during intercourse – which suggests men have some ­making up (if not some explaining) to do.

In an effort to save womankind from a lifeless sex life, sex therapist Rachel Foux is offering to teach men to be more sensual.

“Too many men are geared towards having sex in the same way each time,” says Foux. “Women aren’t satisfied with that. Men come to me all the time, saying that they are used to quick, easy sex with casual partners, but now they can’t satisfy their ­partner in a long-term relationship.”

And so begins my Lessons in Love for Gentlemen. I fail on the title alone but, thankfully, Foux and her therapy partner Nidhana Mai don’t discriminate. “All men can learn something new,” says Foux, who runs group courses and private tuition.

“Men have one means of orgasm, women have thousands, and it’s about time men learnt some of them.” Five minutes later – sat in my so-called man throne – I have been blindfolded, ­tickled with feathers and ­instructed to “harness my sex with my penetrative power”. The exercise is about shutting down one of my senses in order to tune into the other senses that men usually ­neglect – taste, sound and touch. Read on >>

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Anonymous said...

We live in a society that teaching that men aren't as sensitive and don't care about anything other than their penises...so the idea is that women are violins and men are slegehammers...

Hetero men are generally better lovers than hetero women...largely because at least we try to do concern ourselves with their pleasure.

Many women are still at the level of viewing their role in the equation as simply being "willing."