12 December, 2008

Women have more sexual partners than men

Young women in their 20s have had more sexual partners than their male counterparts, so says a new survey.

In a change from the traditional perception, the average 21-year-old woman has had nine sexual partners, compared with men who on average have had seven.

The findings, however, are a snapshot of the reality of sexual activity in this age range, with just 2,000 young people responding to the poll.

The survey also revealed that a quarter of women who answered the poll had slept with over 10 people, compared with a fifth of men.

Those questioned also admitted that they were not always faithful to their other halves – half confessed they had strayed at one time, whereas a quarter said they had been at the receiving end of a cheating boyfriend.

The poll follows recent news that Britain is one of the most promiscuous nations in the world, having more one-night stands than Australia, France, the Netherlands, Italy and America.

The survey also highlighted the issues around sexual health and that many young women are taking 'huge risks' with 38% admitting they do not use a condom with a new partner and 16% having caught a sexually transmitted disease.

Despite this, women's sexual appetite has not waned: most respondents said they were not enjoying a fulfilling enough sex life with 13% saying it was 'disappointing' and a further 10% admitting it was non-existent. [source]

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