15 December, 2008


Throbbing bass, and my hips bounce and grind to the beat. Facedown on the bed before him, back arched into the air, hips moving and grooving, I can feel his eyes on me. I ignore him, lost in my own world where that rhythmic bass beat rules my every move. I move up to my knees, back still towards him, gyrating and rocking, hair tossing over my shoulders, as I look back at him, one long lingering look that smoulders.

Another look back reveals his pants partially pushed down, cock out and hard, thick and smooth in his hand as he slides his fist up and down slowly.

I turn around, to face him, the movements more like sex now than dancing, though moving like this, on top of him, I realize now that dancing has alreadys really been just a precursor to that act. My hips above his hipbones, grinding on top of him, leaning forward to brush my breasts against his face. He closes his eyes, and moans into my soft skin. My hair trails down over his chest, and I can feel his cock hard and insistent against my naked ass.

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