19 December, 2008

Happy Holidays

I'll be on vacation till January, 14th 2009. No daily updates in this time but I'll try to be around as often as possible and post some sexy stuff for you my naughty readers. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas time with your families and friends and a Happy New Year. I hope to meet you all again next year. ~ badgirl


sinfullyanon said...

I'd love to meet you next year?
Do they have Starbucks in Berlin??

Have a great Holiday/Vacation, badgirl. And, all the best in 2009!
You're the Bestest of the Bad..(spank*)


badgirl33 said...

yes we have it here too. So u can come lol

Merry Xmas and a happy new Year hon..hugs & kisses, Susanna

sinfullyanon said...

...Ahhh, you'll hear me knockin'...

The Question is:

Will ya let me in??


Happy New Year, s/h.