23 December, 2008

Beautiful women fake orgasms more often

Attractive women and Essex girls are the most likely to fake an orgasm if their partner is a flop in bed, research has found.

A survey quizzed 30,000 women - in the interest of scientific discovery - on how often and why they faked it in bed.

One-in-three women admitted to having put on a hyperventilating and screaming show while having sex (isn't that an asthma attack?) but this number rose among certain groups.

Short women (under 5'3") were twice as likely to fake it as their taller counterparts, 53% of Essex women admitted to faking it and more attractive women were found to be even more likely to fake.

So if you meet an attractive midget from Essex the chances are she will be screaming with joy before you have even bought her a drink.
A spokesperson for dating website smooch.com who conducted the survey said: "We may be liberated, educated and surrounded by sex guides but the survey shows Faking remains as prevalent now as it was in our grandparents' day." [source]

Asked why they faked orgasms the top answers were:

1. So my partner doesn’t feel inadequate.
2. To get it over and done with!
3. Because I didn’t really fancy the other person.
4. To keep the peace and avoid an argument.
5. To make my partner feel good.

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