08 December, 2008


“And what do you have for me here? A gift no doubt.” He pushes the thin material of my thong to the side as he inspects me. With a grunt of satisfaction, he removes the undergarment completely. He stops to lick his fingers before he slides one, and then two, into my waiting cunt. My pelvis automatically pushes forward, my body buckling towards him in raw anticipation. I throw my head back and moan, parting my legs further. He licks at my clitoris furiously, the velvet of his tongue dragging deliberately over each moist fold. He suddenly stops, a devilish flash in his eye just noticeable above the pink creases of my flesh. In a swoop he reaches over and dips his fingers into the amber liquid of his drink. Seconds later, I am on fire.

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Loving Annie said...

sigh... That's such a wonderful place to be - wanted like that, taken like that, bonded with like that by the man you adore...