09 December, 2008

9 Ways to Keep the Passion in Your Sex Life

1. Initiate Some E-Sex Before Your Next Rendezvous

It's a playful and subtle, but a make no mistake way of suggesting potential fantasies to act out. Plus, e-sex lets your desires for your love be known, acting as a fun form of foreplay. You could either write about what you're going to do to your lucky lover the next time you let yourselves get all sexy or what you want to have done to you.

If you're a little shy, don your erotica writer hat. Describe a carnal couple going at it instead, remembering that your power of persuasion is in the dirty details. Go heavy on amorous adjectives. Your lover is sure to get the hint that it’s really the two of you you’re talking about. Revisiting the e-sex later in bed is sure to have major payoffs.

2. Reinvent Yourself

Sexy means sporting a well-groomed, passion-inducing presentation. For starters, clean up your act. Stop burping and passing gas — if you can at all help it. Don’t wear clothes you need to sniff to learn if they’re clean. Dress for a sexy state of mind. Act like you’re the hottest thing to ever walk this earth. Foster your lover’s sense of sexiness as well.

You can do this by paying your partner compliments. Or you can ask him to wear fabrics that make you want to be touched all over. Or buy her outfits that test the waters for more daring sexual escapades. For example, Agent Provocateur sells very feminine, sexy items like collars, whips and tassels that may encourage her to take charge in bed. Regularly recreating your sexual images helps the two of you to keep each other erotically engaged.

3. Play Up P.D.A.

While “get a room” public display of affection is often unsexy (at least to those forced to witness the groping), a little bit of P.D.A. can go a long way. Touch your partner a lot while you're out, even when you’re in the car on the way home. The more interest you show before you get to your boudoir, the more responsive and excited your lover will become as you make foreplay more of an out-and-about affair than a mere pre-game warm up. Read more >>

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