12 November, 2008

Your first time with me

You'll be wearing black as you always do, one hand in your pocket, the other hand holding a cigarette. You'll look at me and this time I'll be certain. This time I'll not be too scared or too shy, I'll know you want me and I'll not be too nervous to make it happen.

You'll be looking at me, trying to read me. My lips will part slightly as I breathe in and you'll be certain too. You'll take one last drag and stub out the cigarette and you'll turn towards me once more. I'll be shaking slightly; you're going to come close, you're about to walk towards me and the hairs on the back of my neck'll stand up. A shiver will run through me and you'll hear me breath out. You'll smile slightly... yes... Yes, it's about to happen...

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FreddyX said...


I was wondering if you were hetro when I read the opening paragraph.. but as I still don't know I'll assume you're Bi with a preference for females..

All fairly interesting online women seem to fit that category in my experience.. "Not that there's anything wrong with that.."

badgirl33 said...

yeah right hon, I swing both ways ;)

FreddyX said...

Yes, it was kinda obvious, lol..

All your blog links are written by other women.. and I'm sure you get special attention with your profile pic.. they're hypnotic.. ;-)


badgirl33 said...

well this is a blog mainly for women...I mostly post articles that could be of interest for them (us)

glad u like my avatar, I must disappoint you though, that are not my own boobs ;)

FreddyX said...

Yes.. I wasn't paying full attention and it is most definitely a well written resource for women.. please forgive me.. I'm a male..

Though I totally blame your avatar.. the hypnotic part.. I'll just assume that its a close resemblance to the real thing.. less any silicon..

Also the enchantment of a German female.. or even just a resident.. some of the most sexually open minded people I've come across.. :-)