17 November, 2008

Vagina Vanity

It takes a bit of a renegade to speak out against cosmetic surgery these days. It’s everywhere: from reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover to newspaper articles about young New York women’s penchant for lunchtime botox, to the ubiquitous “I had a boob job and it was totally empowering” magazine profiles.

If “looks are the new feminism“, as US writer Alex Kuczynski put it in her 2006 book Beauty Junkies (Random House), criticising another person’s desire to improve their looks could be considered tantamount to petit fascism. With the exception of one arena: the stuff in your underpants. Your girly bits.

Drop the word “labiaplasty” into the conversation next time you’re out with your friends and watch the girls grimace and cross their legs, and the guys awkwardly excuse themselves to fetch another drink. In a world where looks-enhancing surgery rarely raises an eyebrow, labiaplasty - a procedure designed to reduce the size of one or both labia, the folds of skin surrounding the vulva - is the final frontier, the last cosmetic surgery taboo. The question is, is that no-go zone coming to an end? Read more >>


Loving Annie said...

I've been ashamed about the plumpness of mine, and read about the surgery, looked up the surgeons on makemeheal.com... It really bothered me compared to what I see in Playboy.

Finally I found a guy who loves the way I look. Just the way I am is pretty for him.

Nothing worse than having to be insecure 'down there" as well as everywhere else !

I almost hate supermodels - magazines should use real, average women in all of their ads and stop making the pressure on women so bad !

Scott said...

I heard this from a woman I was talking online with, that she thinks her girly bits are horrible, guys don't think playboy lips are beautiful, guys don't read (look at) playboy for the lips, if all you do is see playboy, you'd never know that women have lips, ask a man whether they're horrible or you should be ashamed, it seems like women should look at and appreciate womens bodies as much as men do, nice plump meaty lips, hmmm, don't mind me if I nibble and suck on them, they protrude a bit, fine, let me flick them as you squat over me... it's all good fun :-))) scott

and believe us when we tell you that it's a thing of beauty :-)) I'm happy to inspect more ;-)

Loving Annie said...

Thank you, Scott.

There are some forums/men online who make viciously blunt comments about hating "meat curtains" and "camel toes". and saying how ugly they think it is when a woman doesn't resemble the almost totally hidden clit/closed petal lipped look of a Barbie doll between her legs.

Appreciate the support though, and am grateful to hear it.

I've always tried to offset it with pretty panties, being meticulously clean, and even brazillian waxes occasionally...

Scott said...

Annie, believe it, it's MY pleasure

you need to find better forums and better online men.

Those men should stick to barbie dolls, and leave the real women to men that can appreciated them, and incidentally,, the ways you've offset how these a$$holes talk aboutit, with the panties, being clean and being smooth and tasty... dear god, what a good start to a monday ;-))) licks :-p

badgirl33 said...

I bet all those guys complaining about ugly vaginas have pretty tiny and ugly dicks ;) and yes all these supermodels give us a wrong picture of women

Scott said...

and all these guys complimenting you on having lovely edible meaty lips have lovely edib..... errrrr ;-)))

email ;-)

badgirl33 said...

and u could be the first to prove that scotty baby *giggles*

Scott said...

well, since I don't particularly want to post a pic here... email me ;-))

badgirl33 said...

I must admit Scott's dick looks lovely and edible ;) he doesn't need surgery lol