22 November, 2008

Turn Your Vagina Into A Vice Grip

We women talk a lot about training our bodies and keeping our muscles toned, and for the most part, these conversations are limited to which butt exercises are working to give us a booty we’re proud of, or how we’re keeping our abs toned, or our triceps from going grandma on us. But we almost never talk about the muscles we can’t see - our Gynecological Goddesses.

Ironically, the muscles that are not on display often get ignored in our fitness routines, yet they play such a vital role in the functions that affect our overall sense of well being as women! Hello! Sex. Controlling your bladder. Important things, right?

Any muscles that can keep you from peeing your pants and also give you more and better orgasms are not muscles you want to ignore, ladies! In fact, they deserve to be high on your fitness priority list every week, if not every day! I’m talking about your pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that take a beating through childbirth, and the ones you use to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. They must be trained with the same dedication you have toward your pecs and glutes!

Just as with any other muscle, the “use it or lose it” philosophy applies. If you want to prevent incontinence as you age, and if you want to enhance your sexual experiences (with yourself and with your man) by becoming more orgasmic, and having stronger orgasms, then you need to get to flexing your Mighty Mavens Of Pleasure, as I like to call them. You can do this by doing kegel exercises, which is the flexing of the urinary sphincter to strengthen your pubococcygeal muscle. (In men, it is the anal sphincter which strengthens it). Read on >>


Kevin Lomax said...

Oh yeah, I love it when my lover contracts her pussymuscles when I'm in her. But I guess it would be a nice sensation to be in a vices' grip...

Loving Annie said...

This is SO important, and mine have gotten so weak from not making love for so long. I can't even do all the ones she suggests.

It's even made my orgasms from masturbating considerably less intense because the muscle contractions are weaker.

I have to begin to practice them again, and really be consistent. Thanks for the reminder !