26 November, 2008

Sex: the stuff that dreams are made of

While it’s always a weird feeling to see someone who your subconscious has imagined naked, sex dreams are nothing to be ashamed of. According to a University of Montreal study conducted last year, sex dreams make up about 8 percent of all dreams for both men and women. The most common kind of sex dream involve good old-fashioned intercourse, followed by propositions or flirting, kissing and fantasies. The results of the study, which was the first exploration into the subject in nearly 40 years, run counter to much of that past (and outdated) research, as well as the long-standing assumption that men think about sex far more than women, both consciously and subconsciously. This change doesn’t mean that modern women have spontaneously started dreaming about sex a lot more — it’s just that women these days are much more comfortable discussing their sexuality and fantasies. Read more >>

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