12 November, 2008

Mental Masturbation: Making the cut

Recent years have seen women's sexuality become a much more out-in-the-open topic; still, every now and then, I am reminded about all the little ways the world perpetuates myths of female sexuality. Along with setting everyone, male and female, up for disappointment via portrayals of instant and exaggeratedly satisfying climaxes in almost every movie and television sex scene - an idea of normalcy has been created that suggests that normal women have amazing orgasms every time, with little direction or effort.
However, the prevalence of sexual dysfunction issues in North America suggests that the exact opposite is true. In reality, studies show that only one in four women will achieve climax through intercourse alone, not to mention the increased number of women reportedly experiencing "female sexual arousal disorder" (FSAD) - which is characterized by a woman being continually unable to attain or maintain arousal and lubrication during sexual intercourse, being unable to reach climax and possibly even having no desire for sexual intercourse. In the United States, 47 million women have FSAD, and on top of that, the number one sexual complaint of American women is dry or painful sex.
Even the pharmaceutical world has taken note of issues in female sexuality, with the advent of products like O Cream and Viacreme which are often referred to as "Viagara for women" since they essentially swell the area where they are applied and make it more sensitive to touch and sensation.
While for some people a topical cream may help intensify or increase the frequency of orgasm, it suggests that the problem lies in the female body, and requires a chemical remedy. When the focus moves from partner and self education, it seems like women might be settling for the quick-fix rather than learning how to have better sex, and ultimately, better orgasms.

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