28 November, 2008

Low female sex drive is normal

Women’s lack of interest in sex is so common that it should be considered the norm, according to experts, who have conducted some new research.

Psychologist, Professor Marita McCabe, of Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, studied 400 women, and found that the normal way in which they experienced desire was once they were already engaged in sexual activity.

Sixty 60 percent of the women described their libido as unusually low, with most reportedly only getting in the mood for sex, after the intimacy had begun. Further, many women did not realise that it was normal for their sex drive to have highs and lows.

Professor McCabe said:

In movies, on TV, in magazines what you see is sexual women, women wanting sex, engaging in sex and that seems the norm.

Women who have low levels of desire think there is something wrong with them.

But if you’re working hard, if you’ve got kids, if you haven’t got much family support, it’s not surprising you’re not interested in sex at that time.

That is a perfectly normal response. We need to redesign what is abnormal

She went on to explain that fatigue, stress, work and children were major passion-killers:

Those factors really reduced women’s interest in spontaneous sex, as well as the extent to which they experienced desire in the actual sexual situation.

Continuing that another major turn-off was a lack of communication and consideration from a partner:

If a man wants sexual interaction then there’s a whole lot of things he can do that have nothing to do with sex. Washing dishes can be foreplay. [Source]

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