19 November, 2008

Lips like sugar

They say almost half of all women experience a "wet dream" at least once in their adult lives, but I've been lucky enough to experience them quite often. Of course, I don't wake up having ejaculated all over myself as men do, but rather I notice the telltale signs -- usually my pussy is dripping wet, and my lips down there feel engorged and full, like I've just been given the best orgasm of my life. I wake up and instantly start playing with myself, feeling the delicious moisture between my legs, even going so far as to taste myself on my fingers as I try to summon up the dreams that brought on such a carnal reaction in me.

This morning was one such occasion. I woke feeling almost a remnant shudder of an orgasm, desiring strongly to fondle myself and to soak my fingers in the erotic juices that my dreams had caused to flow. I closed my eyes and reached down to rub my wet clit, feeling the engorgement and wanting so desperately to feel that tension and release of an orgasm over and over again. I closed my eyes and replayed the dream, writhing slowly to the scenes in my head....

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