09 November, 2008

In the early morning darkness

I run my hand over the curve of his ass. He moans, even in sleep he responds to my touch. This is nice. Down a little lower to where bottom becomes thigh I stroke, over strong, thick thighs from hard, long hours of real work. Work that leaves him tired and aching, work that he is proud of and allows him to look back over his shoulder and see something tangible there for others to enjoy and never realize the pain it is to his body. I rub there at that invisible line between thigh and ass, stroke from back to side, inside thigh and outside thigh. The muscles there are different as night and day. Inner thigh seems vulnerable and tender, outer thigh thick and impossible strong. Up again I move my hand to that sweet ass that loves my touch. He is awake now, not speaking, but the contented sigh I know is one not from dreams, but from my touch...

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1 comment:

Rae said...

Man, that picture does bring to mind a really delicious morning...plus you can't quite tell what they are doing. It could be something like romantic and soft kisses to his thighs and stomach...or just a raunchy as hell blow job.

I love a little mystery. :-)