11 November, 2008

Cyber sex causes depression

People who frequent online sex, fetish and swinging sites have “alarmingly high” rates of depression, anxiety and stress, says a shoc
king new research.

What’s more, people who seek out cyber sex typically devote hours a day to the covert activity, the study found.

The Australian research also revealed that overwhelmingly male, well-educated, and aged anywhere from 18 to 80 indulge in such kind of ‘pleasure’.

They spend an average of just over 12 hours on the sites each week - mostly chatting, participating in cyber sex with webcams, downloading video and images, or sending erotic emails, the study found.

The research revealed that more than 65 per cent of the 1325 American and Australian men surveyed said they had met someone off line that they had first encountered online.


FreddyX said...

Don't know about depression.. I was around using the net in '94, '95.. chatting was the new big thing to do.. adult chat rooms were everywhere and people were cybering left, right & center.. including myself..

But the novelty wore off with me.. I wouldn't even contemplate doing it now.. nothing could change my mind..

badgirl33 said...

well I just wouldn't have the time to chat anymore, and cybersex was never very satisfying for me anyway.