24 November, 2008

Couples and Sex: New Survey

A new web sex survey was launched today - designed to help understand the sexual attitudes and behaviours of long-standing couples. Claire Spencer and Jeffrey Peel from i to i Research, the researchers behind the survey, believe this is the first survey to tackle the issue of sexual health in established relationships.

According to Claire, ”Most surveys of this nature view sex through the lens of younger people, focusing on casual sex, whereas it is our belief that couples have a lot of useful advice to offer up. Our questionnaire asks couples about the regularity of sex, use of sex ‘aids’ and other questions relating to sexual relations with a long-term partner.

Paula Hall, sex therapist for Relate concurs. She says, “Sex after the novelty has worn off is often considered unglamorous and unexciting …but …sex doesn’t have to become boring or routine. The sex you can have with your long-term partner can be the best sex of your life.”

To participate in the research and complete the Couples and Sex Questionnaire please click here.

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