07 November, 2008

4 Must-Try Sex Positions

When it comes to sex positions, after a while it's only natural to fall back on your old favorites. And there's nothing really wrong with that ‑- except that, well, it's kind of dull. So mix things up! Experiment! Surprise your guy with something unexpected! After all, making even subtle changes to your current go-to list can mean the difference between a sex life that's fine ‑- and one that's on fire.

Digging Deep

We're most familiar with man-on-top positions. They're great for gazing lustily into each other's eyes. And as an added bonus, they're terrific for deep penetration. For fans of deep, intense penetration and enthusiastic thrusting, you can't beat this position.

With this variation, the top half of your body can't move much, but you can make up for it by moving your pelvis both up and down and side to side. First, lie back on the bed with your torso and bottom on the bed and your legs resting on the floor. When he penetrates, you bend your knees back toward your stomach while he supports himself on his hands and thrusts forward. It's best for him to keep one of his legs on the floor for support and the other on the bed for balance. If it still doesn't feel like he's penetrated deeply enough ‑- you greedy girl! ‑- pull your knees even further back and rest your calves on his shoulders, or, heck, show off by demonstrating just how handy that Pilates class really was by crossing your ankles behind his neck. Add extra frisson by holding your own hands above your head to give the illusion you're tied up. (Better still, get him to actually do it!) Read more >>

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