30 October, 2008


I decided that I wanted to remove my shirt so off it came. My black lace bra made his eyes open up and take notice of the hard nipples underneath. I laid my head down in his lap, breast side up, and his kissed me. His hand traveling down the front of my shorts to my pussy. His other hand cupping my breast over the cups exposing my nipples. My hands were taking his balls to a new level of ecstasy that he did not think possible with clothes on.

I slip off my shorts and they fall to the floor. I am now in my black bra and lace panties. My legs are hanging over the arm of the couch. I am snuggled on my side with my head up his shoulder. His one hand is still fondling my breasts and the other is fingering my rosebud through the panties and squeezing my ass. One breast is over the cup and the other is peeking out...

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