11 October, 2008

How yoga can spice up your sex life

Dr Fulbright says that yoga can improve your sex life in NINE ways.

1. Increased Sensitivity

Yoga’s breathing exercises help you to breathe more fully, decreasing your anxiety level and blood pressure. Your breath helps you manage your stress. Recent research in PLoS One reports that meditation, prayer and yoga can improve your health. These relaxation activities change patterns of gene activity that affect the body’s response to stress. When a person evokes a relaxation response, the mind actively turns genes that are "switched" on or off by stress the other way.

All of this makes you more primed for intimacy. The fresh oxygen, improved circulation and ability to channel your breath throughout the body further enhance your sexual responsiveness and sensitivity.

2. More Powerful Orgasms

Yoga’s influence on your orgasms is two-fold. First, in strengthening your sexual core, you have greater control over your pelvic floor muscles and sex organs. Harnessing this during sex helps you to climax more magnificently. Second, the practice enables you to release muscle tension, which, in turn, rocks your body for full-body orgasms.

3. Improved Energy

In being physically active, learning how to relax and alleviating stress through breathing, and by simply having fun, you will feel more energized. Yoga is invigorating, simply in the luxurious thought that you’re being good to yourself. You’re taking care of yourself. You’re taking care of your sex life. Best yet, with increased stamina, you will be able to last longer in bed.

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eveninglily said...

As with all things, taking the time beforehand can usually ensure a more productive and pleasureable experience.