16 October, 2008

Friend with benefits

I pushed him back and climbed over him. Feeling his hand on me, grabbing my tits and holding my hair. He reached between my legs and up my skirt. His fingers reached into my lace panties and rubbing on my clit, pushing inside my pussy until I was writhing on top of him, unable to wait much longer for my fix.

I was so impatient it was just a minute or so before clothes were off and I was where I love to be. On my knees with cock in my mouth. His cock was full and smooth and slid into my throat again and again. The nervousness was gone and I took my time, working his cock with my mouth and hands. Savoring the taste and texture of new cock. I like to take my time, feeling it with my hands, my lips, my tongue. Looking for the sensitive spots. Sucking hard, licking soft. Feeling his hands in my hair as he gently thrust into my mouth.

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