05 October, 2008

Female orgasm myths busted

Myth #1: Women can’t cum as often as men.

While it may be true that women don’t cum as often as men, it doesn’t mean they are unable to cum as often. Unlike men, women have a spot whose only function is pleasure, and that is the clitoris. Unlike what most high school sex-ed classes taught, the clitoris is not a small pea-shaped area, but actually slightly smaller than the average male penis. Internally it’s a vast network of erectile tissue that has the capability to engorge with blood, and, because of the incredibly dense bundle of nerve endings, is able to achieve an orgasm. Many women need direct stimulation of the clitoris to reach climax, and due to the way certain women are typically pleasured and/or penetrated, the clit is completely disregarded. This is why some women prefer oral sex to penetration since it’s more likely that their clit will be involved in the fun.

Myth #2: Uh oh. I just peed on my partner during orgasm.

Some of you porn aficionados may be familiar with this idea of women shooting out copious amounts of liquid when they orgasm. This would be the famous female ejaculation. Some people believe this liquid is urine — since both urine and female ejaculate are both mainly composed of water — but that belief is false. “How do I get to squirt when I orgasm?” you ask? The answer is on every cover of Cosmo… the G Spot. Yes, there is a place via the vagina that may lead to pleasure and possibly ejaculation. It is about one to two inches inside the vagina, and with fingers making a “come hither” motion towards the bellybutton, there is a spot that feels different than the tissue around it (more like the tip of your nose than the cheek). This area is actually paraurethral tissue and surrounds the urethra (aka pee tube), which is why some think the fluid is urine. When this area is massaged, it engorges with blood and fluid may be released, upwards of a cup and a half. However, it’s not for everyone. Don’t assume just because Cosmo says it’s the Holy Grail of sex that every woman will enjoy it. It can be very pleasurable for some, and it’s something to think about if you are looking for new sensations. Read more >>


Loving Annie said...

I can ALWAYS come, but have never squirted... I'd love it if my sweetheart tried to make it happen to me, but I think I'd be most comofortable if we tried it while in the shower...

Dee said...

Nicely written...completely agree. Most people--male and female--think that Cosmo is the end of the sexual world and know as little about female ejaculation as they do about multi-orgasmic males. We need to dig deeper... after all, it is sexual pleasure we are seeking here! ~~Dee