24 October, 2008

Am I flirting?

You commented on someone’s Flickr. You favorited their tweet. You made a saucy joke, you IMed them immediately after they signed on… are you flirting? In the past, you’d just have to figure it out for yourself (or, even worse, ask the object of your potential flirtage). But now, there’s a new way to know: the good folks at Am I Flirting? will evaluate your behavior and tell you. So quick! So convenient! So easy! [via]


Loving Annie said...

So obvious...

sinfullyanon said...


I love flirting. Its a gift, giving.
Its a joy, receiving. It says, "You
strike my fancy, sweetie," and all the days troubles fall away.

Its a smile on the subway. Its lowered eyes in response. Its a hand, brushing a strand of hair from her brow.

Sometimes, you don't even have to "xx" or ((hugs)). Sometimes, there aren't words at all.

Flirting can enlighten, brighten,
and bring about a relationship you've never expected.
It is at its best, when innocent, or enquiringly performed.

When you take a chance, you're flirting.

Therefore, Flirting is good.

xx, SinfullyAnon.