20 September, 2008


A light out on the street reflects a yellow hazy glow in the wet street below it; a low hum emanates, and suddenly I can feel his presence in the room. I didn’t hear him enter, just feel his energy. His location is given away when I suddenly feel warmth come closer and then feel the soft brush of his lips on the back of my neck . . . at the spot that always sends a tingle of sweet pleasure down my body.

As I back into his body, his right arm wraps around me possessively and pulls me closer; his left hand turns my chin toward him and kisses me gently on the lips. . . And then the kisses become more passionate, eager . . . his tongue exploring deeper inside my own hungry, inviting mouth. He then moves his hand slowly and deliberately down my body, whispering pass the swell of my breasts, and suddenly I feel warmth between my legs and they weaken, and his hand moves further down and then under the cool fabric of my short nightgown. I try to turn to face him, but he pulls me tighter to him, restraining me in his grasp, keeping my back pressed against his chest, but I have no desire to break free and I welcome his aggression. Soon two fingers are up inside of me while he begins to stroke my clit slowly with his thumb.

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