22 August, 2008

Sexting Seduction

“FOR YOU, THE SEXIEST MAN HERE,” I watched with anticipation from the bar while you read the text message as the server set your favorite drink down on the table in front of you.

Your eyes locked on mine closing the distance between us without hesitation as if you could feel my presence in the electricity of sexual tension crackling in the air. One moment…one heartbeat…chased by another…as your eyes flow down my body stopping to stroke the curve of my breasts straining against the small buttons of my shirt. Leaning forward to enhance your view, your smile fades into intensity as your eyes light with fascination following the tips of my fingers gently stroking a path down my neck in the moisture forming on my skin from memories of your caress. Leisurely dipping my thumb under the top button and toying with it for a moment as your tongue rolls over your bottom lip tempting me to wet your lips with mine. I undo the button, not caring if the others hold, in an invitation to play.

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Loving Annie said...

I bet that drove him made with lust and he will remember it for years !!!! I can visualize it, and the intensity.

badgirl33 said...

yes this tory gave me hot fantasies too ;)