15 August, 2008

16 sexy, sneaky acts of seduction

Granted, getting a guy to "agree" to sex is like getting a Labrador to "agree" to eat a rib eye. But if you're extra bold, creative, even stealthy--like these women were--he'll never forget it (and neither will you).

I have a confession: During my early dating years, I preferred to be The Seduced, not The Seductress. I was chicken. Like many women, I worried that if I put myself out there and got a "no thanks" in return, I'd never recover from the humiliation. And while my path of least resistance didn't score me the hottest sex, I was happy at least that it kept me in possession of my ego.

Then, during college, I met George,* an art major with rosebud lips and a slow-as-molasses sexiness, who, despite my silent pleas for his affection, didn't give me the time of day. Just as I was about to abandon my George fantasy, I ran into him at a bar after the Senior Streak, a ridiculous, drunken tradition where every senior runs around campus, sans pants. I was naked as a newborn, except for the words THE BOMB scrawled across my butt with a Sharpie. And, for reasons I still don't totally understand, I went for it--walked right up to him, threw my arms around his neck and asked him to dance. Soon I was headed back to his place, wearing his jacket.

Even though I'm happily married now, my dalliance with George remains among my favorite pre-aisle memories--because I'd pounced and it worked. That night didn't turn me into some raging Jessica Rabbit, but it did teach me that sometimes the boldest, most out-of-character move is the one that gets you results. Lately I wonder if I've lost my game. Perhaps I need to dredge up some of that old naked courage with the man I love. For inspiration, I talked to 16 women and guys who shared their own brave stories of past seductions that went oh-so-right. Read more >>


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