11 July, 2008

The Top Six Relationship Red Flags

1. He Knows Women Everywhere You Go Oh, and they know him! It’s good to date a social guy, but too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing at all.

2. Doesn’t Dress Up For Dates You are beautiful, special, important and it just took you an hour to slap on some make up and coordinate a cute outfit. If you’re willing to walk around in pumps so high you could dunk a basketball, the least he can do is put on a nice shirt. If he’s not trying to impress you too, you’re wasting your time.

3. Never Picks Up On Your Calls Or Only Texts You First of all, texts are the bane of the modern dating experience. If he’s afraid to let you reach out and touch him via technology, i.e. the phone, he’s already avoiding the easiest way to communicate with you. Lame!

4. Friends and Family Disapprove Whether the people close to you hate him or the people close to him hate you, it’s bad. After all, how are you going to go places together or worse yet, what’s the point of having a partner if you’re forced to go to things alone due to personality differences? Listen to the people who love you. You’ve already picked them to be in your life, you can find someone else who will slip right in.

5. He Insists On Something You Don’t Like Whether it’s anal sex or a flea bag restaurant, if it’s not his birthday, he doesn’t always get his way. If he really cared about you and your opinion you would be able to do things you both enjoy. But if he’s consistently choosing to be a selfish jerk, you should too and dump his egocentric butt.

6. You Only Take Bad Pictures Together The camera is a scientific device that never lies. It gives you a close up look at your chemistry, even if it’s a crowd shot. So, if you don’t look good together for some reason, albeit superficial, it’s a warning sign. [source]


Will said...

Liked this a lot.
All of these are definitely
"not good"...
(except, maybe, the pictures one)...


Will said...


Now that I think about it (re-read, the pic one!)...

..body language, and how a mate looks in the picture, can say a lot about that person.
It's turns out that this point was
probably deeper than all the rest.