03 July, 2008

Sex and the summer

Summer is officially here! That’s right, the lazy days of sun, sand, swimming and sexin’ are finally upon us. And there isn’t much that compares to my favorite warm weather activity - outdoor sex! Sex in the sun can make the hot days of summer even steamier and nights cooler than cool. So grab your sand toys and sunblock and check out all you need to know about sex in the water, sex in the sun and sex on the beach (other than it being a fabulous cocktail, of course!).

What’s What In The Waves

Sex and water are one hot duo. Not only do you get that thrill of exhibitionism if you are in a public place (though try to keep it out of kid heavy areas, oh and um… it’s kinda illegal), you get to try out all sorts of new and exciting positions while you float nearly weightlessly through the water. Not too mention easy access through bikini bottoms and pulling the trunks down a bit! Tee Hee!

There is a little snafu though. It’s not the water that’s the problem, it’s what’s IN the water that makes for a questionable situation. Water than contains chlorine, salt, or bacteria can all pose risk of infection or irritation when it’s forced into the vagina during penetration and thrusting. That basically means all pools, lakes, oceans, rivers and Jacuzzis can mean risky business for getting down and dirty… um, literally. Read on >>

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