21 July, 2008

Male Erogenous Zones

For most men, sex is more important than foreplay, and then they take care that their partner is satisfied. However, they also have secret places on their bodies that excite them and turn them on, especially if touched by a woman’s hand.

So here are those erogenous zones:

EARS AND TEMPLES – the nerves on the ear lobe and skin on the temples are directly connected to the sexual organs. This is why men love when their partners kiss them on the ear. Even her breathing and whispering, as well as a gentle massage on that part of the head has the effect of making him go wild!

HAIR – Can also be an object of excitement. Especially on the base of the neck and sideburns. The best path of touching is from the ear, over the neck, to the shoulders. This will make him get goose-bumps!

LIPS – they were not only created for passionate kissing, but for touching, licking, biting… This is the most certain part of foreplay that a man likes and looks for.

NIPPLES – men are divided into two groups. The first are sensitive to their nipples being touched, nearly as much as a woman. The second group find it uncomfortable, because it makes them feel naked. However, talk your man into it and tell him to let go and try it. Read on >>

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