10 July, 2008

The Kiss

Your arm, resting on the back of the couch, moves toward my body. My breath is still waiting for your touch. Reaching out, your fingertips touch my cheek as your thumb gently crosses over my forehead and hairline. I open my eyes, immediately engaging yours as they penetrate the essence of my being. I am entranced. Carefully and skillfully, you arrange a few pieces of hair around my face, creating a picture. I can feel the energy, the electricity, the particles emanating from your chest piercing mine causing an uncontrollable gravitational pull in your direction. Deep, endless, powerful, engaging and intense; your eyes mesmerize me. I am helpless. My lips crave your touch, your breath, your wetness. Your strong fingers slide through my hair and caress the back of my head as you pull me in closer. The brief distance remaining between us seems an eternity. I can feel your breath mingling with mine just before our lips engage.

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