03 July, 2008


When she hears Your voice, she falls silent, pressing the phone into her ear.. almost as if she could fall through it, travel across the millions of wires, and out into Your beautiful mouth.
What You say, in that low stroking voice, can undress her.
But, silence is all she can answer.

she cannot speak.. but desperately needs to. The feelings lodges themselves in her lungs, pausing for a moment to writhe because she can’t find the words. Every now and then they throw themselves against the walls of her throat, turning into a sigh or a whimper.
she wants to. she wants to say it beautifully, but all she can find is awe.

What she needs, what she wants, is sometimes to be strong, and sometimes to be weak.
she wants to be made small and You do that so easily, and with only words.
The words that she likes to hear so much, those that might to anyone else seem crude and callous, they make her humble. And more pure than she has ever been.
Knowing that You will continue talking until she has cried Your tears and then the words so adored will follow.
Suddenly they are not just words, but utterings she has yet to understand the magic in.
[via Kinkerbelle]

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