07 July, 2008

5 More Tips To Better Sex And Sleep

TIP 1. Make sure the head of your bed is against a wall. This will make you feel secure when you sleep and help you have a good night's kip. When Jim built his bed, he obviously wasn't interested in having much sleep. However, it had come to the point where his lack of sleep, due to the lack of safety he felt from the bed's position, was affecting all areas of his life negatively. He was so tired during the day that he couldn't concentrate at work. He obviously had to be convinced that getting rid of his platform and putting the headboard against the wall wasn't going to cramp his pulling power!

TIP 2. Make sure that when you're lying in your bed that you have the widest possible view of the room and can see the door easily. This commanding position will give you a sense of feeling in control. If the only place for the bed is on the same side of the door, then put a mirror up on the wall opposite the door, so that when you're in bed you can easily see reflected in the mirror anyone who might be coming in through the entrance, without feeling like someone is creeping up on you. Read more >>

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