31 July, 2008

The 5 Minute Guide To Female Ejaculation

When a woman reaches orgasm, she may actually ejaculate. This is especially true for orgasms as a result of G-spot stimulation.

This happens because of the Para-Urethral Glands, which is a female version of a man’s prostate gland.

The fluid the para-urethral glands produce is similar to that produced by the male prostate and, as in the male, passes into the urethra – and in some cases may pass into the vagina. The glands fill with fluid during sexual arousal and may be felt through the vaginal wall.

As it turns out, many people who experience a squirting orgasm think that this liquid is pee, or even vaginal lubrication. But studies of the fluid ejaculated through the urethra have shown a different chemical composition than urine…it’s clear, and if you actually smell it, you’ll find that it doesn’t smell like urine at all! The fluid produce from female ejaculation is odorless. Read on >>

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