19 June, 2008

Why Do We Sex Blog?

Life blogging has been around for the better part of a decade (or more, depending on how you're counting) - and by extension, so has sex life blogging. And as the medium has evolved and changed, as it’s morphed and mutated and mainstreamed, it’s effected countless lives, for better and for worse. Relationships have been strengthened, relationships have been destroyed; communities have been built and lives have been turned upside down. And through it all, one has to wonder: why do we sex blog?

One could, of course, just as easily ask why anyone blogs about their personal life, period. But since sex is such a loaded and taboo topic, it adds an extra layer of complication. And so we present a (by no means complete) list of reasons why we sex blog.

For visibility. For those who belong to a sexual subculture - queer, kinky, poly, or otherwise - sex blogging is a very immediate way of raising awareness about their lifestyle (we’re here, we’re fucking, get used to it). On the other side of the coin, blogs about stigmatized sexual identities can offer solace, a sense of connection, and a bit of stimulation to others with the same identity (particularly those who may not know anyone else who’s into the same things as they are).

For connection. Blogging has always helped people connect with similarly minded individuals: sex blogging is no different (as evidenced by the blogrolls of sex blogs, Sugasm, and the many offline gatherings of those who details their sex lives online.).

For titillation. Exhibitionism comes in many forms, and, yes, sex blogging is one of them. Publicly discussing the details of your sex life can be a distinct thrill, as can the knowledge that others are reading about (and getting off to) the details of your exploits.

Because it’s just so beautiful. Sex is a wonderful, beautiful thing: why shouldn’t we put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and try to tell the world about it? Writers have built careers on their professions of love. Why should sex be any different? [source]

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