17 June, 2008

3 days, 3 guys

He wasted no time diving his tongue into me, expertly licking and sucking and driving me insane. I wrapped my fingers in his curls, desperately wanting more, always more. I came so hard in his mouth, bucking wildly at his face, screaming. He barely let me come down before he sat up and slid two fingers deep into my cunt, finding my g-spot and massaging it exactly the way I like. He was talking dirty to me the whole time. His words are but mush in my head, but I can still feel his touch.

I came and clenched around his fingers tightly, covering his hand in my juices. I think he wanted to make me cum like that a few more times, but once he felt my contractions around his hand, he needed to be inside me, and fast. He lowered his weight onto me and the huge head of his cock probed at me and then pushed inside all at once. I couldn't believe the delicious instant feeling of fullness, of being completed. Everything I ever wanted I had at that moment.

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Sexual Adventurer said...

Thanks for linking me! This is one of my favorite posts.

Aneris said...

Ohhh. Delicious!!!