13 June, 2008

Give him a hand

Want to be more confident when you, er, take matters into your own hands? These "manual sex" techniques (my editor won't let me say hand job) will make him want to give you a round of applause ‑- not to mention return the favor.

Pick Your Position

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Which is your "best" side? All too often, women try to deliver the goods in a position that feels uncomfortable or unnatural. You are allowed to move, you know! Simply roll over on top of him or straddle his lap, plant a long, slow, delicious kiss, then climb off to the side that suits you. Don't be scared to deviate from the usual side-by-side position either. Try him standing in front of you while you sit on the edge of a bed or lie on your back while he hovers above you straddling your tummy.

Use the Slippery Stuff

Women have (rather handy) built-in lubrication systems, but men don't. So when they masturbate, they use lubrication such as moisturizing lotion. A dry penis is a sensitive one; it likes gentle stroking. Sliding your hand up and down the shaft ‑- the standard male masturbation technique ‑- can feel more like a vicious yank than an erotic escapade when done without lube. Saliva is better than nothing, but clever girls come prepared with good-quality personal lubricant. He'll be pleased, not turned off, when he sees the tube, so don't feel remotely embarrassed squeezing some into your palm. But don't use too much; being too generous removes friction entirely. Read on >>

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