19 June, 2008

Getting in touch with myself

I woke up drenched this morning, the same way I went to sleep last night. I dreamt of you touching me during the night; spooning, feeling your rock hard cock pressed against me. I felt your hands navigating around my body; the brushes, the strokes, the tugging, the pulling and the outlines. Your fingertips sailed across and up and down my skin like a wreckless vessel. My eyes were closed, as I felt the warmth of your breath on my neck, the occasional lick of my shoulder, and kisses on my upper back that trailed to eternity.

I lay still… imagining you. I felt your fingertips rub back and forth, and up and down my lips… your strong arms enveloping my body. The wicked twists and turns of your hands as they moved toward and between my inner thighs. So gentle, yet so firm. Your fingers began to spread my lips, as I could feel your precum dripping down the crack of my ass. You began to rub me, probe me, drawing pictures around my clit. I had to guess what you were drawing…

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Will said...

~Very nice.