01 May, 2008

Let your fingers do it

Taking matters into your own hands, also known as masturbation, is natural and healthy for any woman and there are many ways to go about it.

Some women prefer to use their own bodies to masturbate. Some use direct stimulation with their fingers and hands, and some can cross their legs, squeezing their muscles or rocking until they have an orgasm. Depending on how discreet you are, you can have an orgasm about anywhere doing this.

Other women use all kinds of things to achieve self-satisfaction, like vibrators and body massagers, dildos, electric tooth brushes, shower massagers, kitchen utensils, ice cubes, and various foods and fruit. Seems almost anything you can think of can be used to stimulate yourself; you just have to be careful doing it. Do not use glass items such as bottles or lightbulbs, because they can break and cause severe injury or even death!

Some women are only into clitoral stimulation, AKA Playing Their Clitars. Others prefer thrusting penetration, and others like to hit their own G-Spots, or engage in anal stimulation. Some women like a combination of all of these things. There really is no right or wrong way to go about self-indulgence, and the very best way is to find out what works best for you.

Many women have never even considered touching themselves, so if you've never let your fingers do the walking, here are some ways to get you started on the path of getting to know yourself:

First off, think about what turns you on. Does reading a sensual novel get your juices flowing? Or are you the visual type who likes to watch a movie with lesbians making hot love? Read on >>

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