09 May, 2008

I want...

I want to feel your gaze on me, watching my every move, unable to take your eyes off me.

I want to feel you slide your hands down inside my trousers and feel you gently graze my throbbing clitoris with your fingers.

I want to be panting hard, feeling you breathe down the back of my neck, kissing and biting me as your keen fingers probe my warm, wet folds.

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IMspidey said...

I Really Liked This...

~ Her Kiss ~

She left her kiss apon my lip's

Cette femme j'adore

At night I curse her every breath

Each day I love her more

The dagger's of her grey green eye's

They cut me to the quick

So deeply I can taste the blood

Red velvet as it drip's

Powerless in her presense

I have not but to submit...

(Cette femme j'adore> This woman I Adore)

IMspidey/M.M. 10/10
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