19 May, 2008

Through my eyes

I imagine him kissing down my back. Worshiping my body like a temple he prays to. Touching and caressing my skin like a teenager with his first sports car. Adoration. He tells me I am beautiful, and I believe him- because I believe he truly knows what beauty is.

He is not a milquetoast lover. To this I know. For all his good manners and gentle ways, I know he’s quite an animal in bed. Respectful in his movement, but certain to get what he wants. Undressed, he pushes me down on the bed and proceeds to lick out my ass. This is always his first fantasy. His tongue licking and teasing my tight ass until he can taste the juice from my pussy dripping down. He knows how much I love this, and how I certainly won’t deny him this pleasure. Who am I to deny a man who can’t get enough of my ass??

When I finally can take no more, I climb on top of him. His big body beneath mine. Flesh on flesh. Tracing my fingers over his tattoos, the only secrets he still keeps from me. Dragging my nails over his skin. Wishing I could take a small blade and carve my name into his skin. I know he would love me to do this, but reality says we can’t. I want to mark him as mine though. Something permanent that he can look at- to remember me, as of course someday our paths will split- but he will always crave me.

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I love the picture you used here... Thank you for reposting.