20 May, 2008


I sat with knees bent, legs slightly parted, shortish skirt exposing my mound within my white cotton panties. I watched as his nose got closer and closer, my heart beating faster and faster, then he licked my mound. It is hard to describe the feeling that went through me, but it felt like an electric shock. It was his time to investigate me now so I slipped off my panties and spread my legs for him, with whispers of encouragement as my fingers gently stroked through the hair on his head as he licked me.

I could see the tongue as it parted my lips, the red of his tongue merging with the red of my inner lips, I squirmed with delight as I watched and felt my clit being exposed and dragged back and forth by his tongue, I seemed to be slipping further and further down the trunk with my legs further apart until I couldn't see anymore, but I raised my hips to him so that he could find all of me.

He didn't disappoint me and I groaned with delight as his tongue traced a route between my puckered hole to my clit, back and forth, back and forth until an enormous orgasm started to form deep in me and I could feel my juices being squeezed and pushed to him. He lapped at them with obvious delight and I just collapsed on the ground in front of him., moaning and squirming still.... read on >>

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