21 April, 2008


I opened myself with my fingers, rolling the wetness around my clit and tasting it on my tongue. I longed to have your mouth on me. I longed to feel your breath on my thighs.

I pushed it deep inside of me, my legs spread wide on top of my crumpled sheets. I moved it in and out, slowly at first, then faster as my need grew. I called your name as I rolled over on my belly, overwhelmed by the need to come, as if somehow I could make you hear me from across the miles. I fucked myself so hard that I was shaking when the orgasm first hit me. A hard, rolling, throbbing orgasm that made me cry out, some part agony, some part intense pleasure. This is the first time I have had such an orgasm without your voice in my ear commanding it. My muscles tightened and the orgasm seemed endless as it wrenched itself from my stomach to my aching cunt.

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