06 April, 2008

Is your guy moody after sex?

Does your guy get moody, depressed and heads out the door following great sex? For some men (and women) this sudden change in post sex personality is not because they are a bastard, it is actually caused by the post-coital blues and there is a scientific reason why this happens.
It involves the hormone prolactin.

Prolactin is the same hormone women need to produce milk, but men also have it , and it shoots sky-high immediately after orgasm.
Studies have shown that when you have intercourse, it soars even higher, up to 400 percent higher, than it does after masturbation. The researchers have interpreted this to mean that intercourse is a much more satisfying experience than masturbation.

Other studies have found that prolactin works like a thermostat to shut off our desire, our appetites, and therefore the exciting, revved-up drives that make us try to satisfy them. So you get dull as a worm and your spirit flees. The more satisfying the sex with a woman, the duller you get. via

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