25 April, 2008

Get married and have better sex

3 Reasons Why Married People Have Better Sex

1. Greater Sexual Frequency

The most obvious reason why sex is potentially better in a committed relationship is the general availability of a sex partner. Unlike the dating phase, most people in LTRs end up living together, which means sharing their nightly beds as well as their daily lives. This closeness often gives rise to more opportunities for sexual contact.

Instead of having to make a date to get together, and then trying to seduce your date into your bed, he or she is already there!

To counter this point some argue that sex happens most frequently in the beginning stages of a relationship, so "serial daters" have more sex than those in LTRs. But this isn´t actually true.

On average married couples have sex once or twice a week, which may not seem like very much to someone who is in a "hot" new relationship and having sex three times a day. But remember, married couples have sex once or twice a week every week, all year long, for years!

And some LTR couples have much more sex than that. Of course the frequency of sex also depends on lifestyle changes such as children, stress levels, etc. But even after all of these things are accounted for, the average person in an LTR still has more sex in a given year than the average single person.

2. Easier Communication Means More Satisfying Sex

Couples who have lovingly and willingly committed themselves to each other share an emotional bond that is deepened by constant communication. They talk openly about everything - including their sexual likes and dislikes.

Once people are at the point in their relationships where they feel secure with their partners (knowing that ´saying the wrong thing´ won´t jeopardize the relationship itself), they are much more willing to be upfront about what pleases them - and what doesn´t. Read on >>


el viejo mas joven del palco said...

Married people is avocated to almost no sex at all.

badgirl33 said...

that's the reason I'm still single ;)

el viejo mas joven del palco said...

I'm not, but if you want we can act as I was.
Just gimme a call