03 April, 2008

A game of seduction

It's been a game to her. This hot night, merely an excuse to wear as little as possible. The miniscule skirt, the tight black top, long brown legs stretching on for miles - she's toying with him, but he has no idea. Cold drink after drink, they sit talking. Neither one is drunk, but she knows he's had a little too much. He keeps telling her he's not drunk, repeating himself over and over again, and she smiles a secret smile. This is where she wants him. She bumps her knees against his thigh, letting him feel the heat rising off her skin. When he presses back, she leans in, the condensate from her bottle dripping onto her bare skin, spilling over into the valley between her breasts. He follows it with his eyes, dragging his gaze back up. She meets his eyes, hiding that secret smile, and he flushes, suddenly uncomfortable as his awareness of her body grows.

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Thursday's Child said...

Oh wow, thank you for featuring my story on your blog!

badgirl33 said...

my pleasure :)