18 March, 2008

Morning Wake Up

The whispered words and the roaming hands slowly pulled me from the murky depths of a deep sleep. Your hands were slowly sliding down my back and over the curve of my sweet ass. I arched my back and mumbled a sleepy reply as your finger found my crack. You love to touch me...especially when I'm warm and pliant. You'd pushed the comforter off our bodies so when I turned over you were rewarded with a perfect view of my breasts and soft and curved belly. I had a little pout on my mouth and my eyes remained closed.

Leaning down, you thumbed a nipple and then laved the hard peak with your tongue. "Hmmm." I said as my hand cupped your neck. Slowly dragging your tongue and teeth up my neck to my ear you softly whispered "I want to pee." I nodded my head and dropped my hand. "'kay." I murmured, already reaching back for my pillow and a few more minutes of sleep...

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